An Egyptian Affair


The “brunch scene” is still very much a thing in Toronto. A lot of mom and pop shops are benefiting from this recent obsession because they offer unique and exotic menus. I personally love exploring new cuisines and prefer to try something new and different every time, instead of the mundane dine out choices.


My sisters and I sort of rushed to this place very early on a Thursday morning because we were uncertain of the wait times and we hadn’t any time to spare since we had a full day planned ahead of us. Luckily, we were one of the first people to dine here and our stomachs were content soon after our arrival.

This place is called Maha’s Egyptian Brunch. It is located on Greenwood Avenue near Gerrard Street. It’s a bit of a drive east from the downtown core, especially if you end up having to wait an hour, or worse – you are told that they are no longer taking any more people. Like most of the popular and delicious brunch spots in Toronto, Maha’s is a very tiny spot. It does not accommodate more than twenty four people at a time. Its coziness is what gives it its authenticity. I do not recommend this place for large groups since there is only one spot that can seat a large group and most likely more smaller groups could be accommodated in that place easier. Maha’s also does not take reservations so you either have to come really early like we did, or you have to allow yourself enough time and prepare to wait. Do not go here near closing hours because they will refuse to accept more people (been there, been refused).


I absolutely love the aura of this place and if anything I would come back again and again to just sit and sip on coffee and poke at a few appetizers. The place is very well decorated in memorabilia and authentic Middle Eastern souvenirs. It’s a restaurant run by an Egyptian family which gives it such a homey feeling. Besides the one-on-one tables, there are limited couches as well. This is where we sat this time around and it made for a very comfortable and cozy visit. The Arabic music playing in the background definitely teleports you to a different continent. I came here once before with a friend and was unable to try the Honey Cardamom Latte (pictured above) because the person who makes the latte was not working at that time. I was delighted to find that they could make it for me this time. It is powerful. Both small and large sizes come with a double shot of espresso – I really needed that this morning. It’s very flavourful and I definitely recommend it to all you coffee-obsessed individuals.

We were really hungry so we ordered the Chef’s Appetizer Platter (bird’s eye view above) to start, which consists of a variety of dips, pickles, falafel and more. It is served with their ever-so-fresh pita bread. We inhaled this in minutes and ordered a side of their famous Homemade Cumin Fries before our entrĂ©es.


Unlucky for us we were a little too early and they had not prepared for their famous “Maha’s Mind-blowing Chicken” sandwich. But we didn’t fret for too long and ordered the next thing on the menu that intrigued us. For me, it was the Basturma Scramble which was one of the few meat options on the menu. It was very flavourful and was served with a side of salad and a generous amount of pita bread. I was delighted and even though I was stuffed from the appetizers, I finished half of my meal and took the rest to go.



My sisters ordered the Paraoh’s Po’ Boy which is a pita sandwich filled with crispy shrimp. I had a couple bites and it was absolutely scrumptious.

For a full menu visit them at: or check out their delicious Instagram feed here.


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