Let’s Go to the AGO


A little throwback to our very spontaneous trip to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) in downtown Toronto. My bestie Kate and I were catching up one day and it happened to be the day when the AGO entry is free from 6p.m. until 9p.m. (Wednesday evenings). Lucky for us, we ended up walking to the area around 8p.m. so we quickly roamed through the gallery just in the nick of time.

Sweet Jesus was a blessing even on a chilly day!

I had been here a couple times before however, this was the first time my friend Kate visited the AGO. She was delighted and amazed by how much art and culture is kept within the four walls of that building. I noticed a lot of different pieces since last time as the exhibitions are constantly changing. There were some that I had previously seen but it was still a very new and pensive experience.


We took some opportunities to take pictures of ourselves and the art surrounding us.


We didn’t spend too much time and definitely missed a lot of patches here and there but it was worth the visit no doubt!

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